Select your Wine Rack

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  1. Streamline
    Starting at 794.00
    Capacity 15-648

    The original Millesime: clean, linear, elegant

  2. The Display
    The Display
    Starting at 963.00
    Capacity 30-624

    Our classic enhanced with presentation rows

  3. Floatting bottle
    Floatting bottle
    Starting at 1,384.00
    Capacity 40-168

    Our new design, a unique perspective

  4. Tasting
    Starting at 1,251.00
    Capacity 32-578

    Designed with a hand crafted counter top

  5. The works
    The works
    Starting at 2,755.00
    Capacity 108-589

    All the great features highlighting our display box

  6. All-Star
    Starting at 1,193.00
    Capacity 38-662

    Presentation rows and U-Shelves, a perfect match

  7. The U-shelf
    The U-shelf
    Starting at 1,233.00
    Capacity 41-686

    Adding solid wood shelves to increase storage

  8. The showcase
    The showcase
    Starting at 855.00
    Capacity 24-594

    All presentation rows, an impressive display